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Red Hartebeest Hennie with Bosbok Ram Craig with Nyala Bull Catalina Goat - South Africa Cliff with Eland Cobus with Brindled Gnu
Gerhard with Impala Cobus with Warthog Craig with Impala Ram Gemsbok (Oryx) Hennie with Warthog Rowland Ward Bontebok
Dik Dik - Steve Kobrine Hennie with Blue Wildebeest Cliff with Zebra Jacques with Springbuck Cliff with Red Hartebeest Cobus with Blue Wildebeest
Graig with Impala Dennis with Springbuck David with Impala Cobus with Blesbok Andre with Oryx Warthog
Black Wildebeest Warthog - Steve Kobrine Ostrich Steenbok Zebra Cliff with Impala
Andre with Impala Impala Jackal Cliff with Brindled Gnu Morne and Mountain Reedbuck Hennie with Kudu
Hyena - Steve Kobrine Cliff with Warthog Cobus with Impala Eland Cliff and Mountain Reedbuck White Blesbuck
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