Annual Three Awn
Annual Three Awn


100 - 1 200 mm tall

100 - 25 mm long

10 - 40 mm long

Leaf blade:
70 - 250 mm long, 1 - 3 mm wide

Also known as Common needle grass, annual bristle grass, steekgras, sixweeks threeawn, annual threeawn, 
eenjarige steekgras and Six-weeks triple-awn - Annual grass up to 75 cm high with narrow leaves and sharp
seeds that make it almost unpalatable from the full flowering stage until the sharp seeds are shed after 
ripening. Sheep should not be allowed to graze mature needle grass as the sharp seeds may penetrate 
their skin and remain deposited on the inner side, causing considerable pain. In the early stages of growth
it can be well grazed by cattle or cut for hay. Flowers from Dec - Sept
Dry open places, rocky hillsides below 3500', creosote bush scrub, coastal sage scrub, deserts.
Distribution: Throughout tropical Africa.
A poor grazing grass due to low leaf production. A good pioneer grass and useful for planting in disturbed soil.

Image Credits:
Flora of Israel
A. Danin


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